Simulation environment complete?

Bird's Eye View

I’ve just uploaded the latest version of my world map. It finally has all of the areas we need for the simulation – the town, country road, and city are all in place. I will further improve the environment as we move forward. We may need to tweak some of the locations, and if our mobile device can handle it I will add some “eye candy”.

Here are some screenshots of each individual area:

Town CountryCity


Internal with texture on

Hey guys I just finished to work on the internal side of the car. I’ve created two color maps after polypainting in Zbrush, than I did few corrections in Photoshop in some areas( seats and internal both painted in Zbrush, where I generated UVmaps and color textures. Let me know if you like it.

Nothing too elaborated given the time and the nice and clean looking of the simulation 🙂

I think it can work well with the interface of David on the panels. Here some screenshots of the work that I’ve done between yesterday and today.

See you on Sunday! I’m gonna upload the files in dropbox and I’ll send you an email too. cheers!