Internal with texture on

Hey guys I just finished to work on the internal side of the car. I’ve created two color maps after polypainting in Zbrush, than I did few corrections in Photoshop in some areas( seats and internal both painted in Zbrush, where I generated UVmaps and color textures. Let me know if you like it.

Nothing too elaborated given the time and the nice and clean looking of the simulation 🙂

I think it can work well with the interface of David on the panels. Here some screenshots of the work that I’ve done between yesterday and today.

See you on Sunday! I’m gonna upload the files in dropbox and I’ll send you an email too. cheers!



Internal and car pivot points solved

Hey guys I just finished to do the modifications on the cars and the internal following David and John directions.

Pivot points should be corrects now John. Also I parented the alloy for each wheel.

see you on Sunday sointernalAndcarsFIXED! Luke I gonna carry on with the building works and maybe the pedestrian if Im able to test it. Will see!

Internal side, buildings and characters

Hey guys I’ve managed to fix the internal side of the driverless and test it in Unity, around 2k in total. I guess can work for mobile. Given we don gonna have too many assets in the simulation I think that can be a good compromise in terms of polygons, otherwise John, Luke let me know if you’ll have problems testing it.

I’m going to do some building as well, here you can see a sketch with 1K, was experimenting a bit in ZBrush but I can make it much more low poly.

I’ll post more later on 😉 including a character as well. Let’s seebuilding

Internal side of the driverless

Hi guys, I’ve managed to spend few hours to re


model the internal of the driverless and make it a bit better compared to yesterday version.

Here you can see the previous versions and the last one where the internal part is over the transparent car (I’ve used the previous model to maintain a certain level or realism in the proportions).

David: the dashboard is slightly different that that one that I send you yesterday but the central panel and the left one are still similar to your sketch.

I’m gonna experiment some buildings and characters workflow for now.

John I’m going so send you soon the OBJ files.