Pedestrian cartoon style high-poly

Here a quick sketch of the pedestrian sculpt in Zbrush. I decided to do something a bit stylized that can be easy to translate into a really low poly version of it.

I’ll try to do a rig and a quick walk cycle in MAx or Maya I will see when it will be ready.


Internal side, buildings and characters

Hey guys I’ve managed to fix the internal side of the driverless and test it in Unity, around 2k in total. I guess can work for mobile. Given we don gonna have too many assets in the simulation I think that can be a good compromise in terms of polygons, otherwise John, Luke let me know if you’ll have problems testing it.

I’m going to do some building as well, here you can see a sketch with 1K, was experimenting a bit in ZBrush but I can make it much more low poly.

I’ll post more later on 😉 including a character as well. Let’s seebuilding

I got some iOS/Android Bluetooth controllers (for free)

ARM Bluetooth Controllers

Today I attended ARM Game Developer Day in Shoreditch. ARM processors are found in over 95% of mobile devices (all iOS devices, most Android devices), so it should come as no surprise that a major focus of the event was the future of mobile gaming – namely VR.

Seeing as we’re in the middle of developing a mobile VR simulation, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I had the opportunity to hear many of ARMs engineers and affiliates speak about mobile graphics optimization, VR considerations for mobile devices, and the pros and cons of various VR headsets.

One obstacle brought up during the talks was the lack of user-input while wearing a VR headset which requires use of your smartphone (Gear VR, Google Cardboard). Luckily, to help us developers remedy the problem, the community managers were handing out these tiny, adorable Bluetooth gamepads. They’re not the most advanced or durable little devices – in fact a quick Google search reveals that they’re made in China – but they’re exactly what we need for our project!

I’ll be testing the gamepads with John tomorrow afternoon, but in the mean time, I’ve also included a QR code (which leads here) linking to some super-relevant information for us.

Internal side of the driverless

Hi guys, I’ve managed to spend few hours to re


model the internal of the driverless and make it a bit better compared to yesterday version.

Here you can see the previous versions and the last one where the internal part is over the transparent car (I’ve used the previous model to maintain a certain level or realism in the proportions).

David: the dashboard is slightly different that that one that I send you yesterday but the central panel and the left one are still similar to your sketch.

I’m gonna experiment some buildings and characters workflow for now.

John I’m going so send you soon the OBJ files.


Assets update

Hi guys, I’m back to London, again. Here some screen of the works that I’ve done till now.

Dave: as we spoke few days ago I’m working on the internal part of the driverless, today I’ll finish with the modelling, than we can discuss together how to make it look like with textures. You got my email in case you would like to send me some corrections/ideas. Anyway I’ll bring my laptop this Tuesday so we can try to fix as soon as possible the internal part and I can move on on the characters/cyclist and buildings.

I’ve been experimenting a bit with shaders within unity, but I guess that the models are quite portables having 1000-2500 polys. Hope you guys like the low poly models!

See you on Tuesday!